From Reality Check to Problem Solving? 
Films, debates and music in Grand Teatret 3rd and 4th of March, both days from 10-15.

Ask, what you never dared to ask about the Climate Debate. Go to the Cinema this weekend and discuss with international film directors, scientists, politicians and journalists.
An initiative by Mike Sandbothe, Prof. Dr. phil. habil. , member of the directory board, Nomad Academy.
Arranged in cooperation with Grand Teatret, Copenhagen.


Interview with the film historian Hans Christian Christiansen and the culture journalist Catrine Werchemeister discussing the culture and history of cinema with a reference to CCC (Københavns Biografer): (Danish)
Report about Climate Change Cinema and Al Gore in Politiken (iBYEN): (Danish)
German magazine Spiegel reports about Climate Change and climate politics in Denmark:,1518,470459,00.html (German) (Danish Translation)