Photo © Henrik Valeur, Greenland, 2015


An Arab-Nordic Co-evolution Initiative Proposal for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary workshops with students and tutors from the Arabian Peninsula and the Nordic countries.

Executive summary
Believing that the answer to the ever more acute challenges of environmental degradation, climate change and resource depletion is to be found in cross-cultural collaboration, we propose to organize a cultural exchange program between the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and the Nordic countries, focusing on these challenges.

Historically, nomadic lifestyles have evolved in response to harsh climatic conditions in both regions. Is it possible, that this shared background could serve as a source of inspiration in the face of contemporary, global challenges?

The program consists of a Summer School in Norden (Greenland or Iceland) in 2015 and a Winter School in Arabia (UAE) in 2015-16. Each “school” is of one month duration with the participation of about sixty students and ten tutors from various institutions in these two regions and representing a number of artistic and cultural disciplines.

The outcome is a documentary, an exhibition and a publication.

Concept by visual artist Dorte Dahlin & architect-urbanist Henrik Valeur.